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Hi Everyone!
Welcome to our new Australian Teachers blog! Thanks for stopping by :) 

I'm Chantelle and I am one of the teacher author/contributors of this blog. Today's post is a little introduction to tell you more about myself and who I am!

You may have previously read some of my posts from my personal teaching blog,                         Miss Jacobs' Little Learners. 


Like most teachers, I wear many hats. Outside of school I am a mummy to 3 dogs, Toby, Mischa and Boston. I am a sister. A best friend. A daughter. A girlfriend to another fellow teacher - hopefully a fiancé soon!! (Ermmm Shaun!!!!!) haha

Anyways, as I was saying, I love to travel on the school holidays and I have been to Europe, Asia, America and Fiji. I drink waaaay too much coffee

I LOVE Thai and Vietnamese street food. I'm addicted to Pinterest, Facebook and my MacBook Air.
I try to fit in exercise as much as possible but I find myself donating to my local Fernwood gym rather than than attending.
I AM working on it though...
I am a perfectionist - which sometimes drains my life because it takes me soooo long to get things done as I'm forever trying to make sure things are perfect - that takes time and is EXHAUSTING! (Are all teachers like that????)

Me as a teacher!

I am currently into my 6th of teaching in the Early Years (Grade Prep/Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2). It's pretty much who I am. My life revolves around being a teacher. I'm passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic about teaching as well as the children in my grade! I find it very hard to switch off when I leave school because I'm constantly thinking about my next lesson, day, term, activity, assessment, student, deadline, resource, blog post... Exhausting yeah!? 
Well, I wouldn't have it any other way!! :)

I have had the once in a lifetime opportunity to live and teach overseas in both Thailand and London. One word. AMAZING! 

I would describe my teaching style as energetic, theatrical (I like to put on a performance), loud, fun, messy, hands-on and varied. I take pride in the way my classroom is set up and presented and I like order and organisation. I believe that behaviour management is one of my strengths. I build really strong relationships with my students and their families and this helps me set the foundation for my classroom management and for learning to take place. (See my classroom management styles and resources here).

So, why do I blog????

I have been blogging and making teaching resources for over 2 years now and I am loving the fact that there are more Aussie teachers out there, inspired and doing the same thing. When I first started out back in late 2012, there weren't very many of us around. Teaching students requires a TEAM effort. We all have so much to share and so much more to LEARN so having online forums such as this is a brilliant way for us to do our job - even better! (I personally consider reading teacher blogs, Facebook pages and Pinterest the BEST PD any teacher could ever get!)
 I honestly believe my personal teaching practice has improved from reading blogs by teachers who are willing to share their creations and teaching ideas with others all around the world!

My Teaching Products

I create resources that are fun and engaging for ALL ability levels within the Early Years (K/ Grade Prep -2) I know what it is like to have varying ability levels in your grade. I am forever adapting things for my students that need support and for my extension students too. In most of my packs, you will find a range of resources that have been differentiated to suit all your students needs. As I create things things from experience in the classroom, all my products can be used in Australian schools and have been developed in conjunction with the Australian Curriculum.

I create Literacy games, Maths games, Units of Work, Themed Products to cover your Inquiry or Integrated Units, Classroom Decoration and Organisation Resources, Templates and much more!

You can find my teaching resources at my Miss Jacobs' Little Learners TPT STORE. Make sure you are following by clicking on the 'Follow me' green star for product updates and freebies. 

Some of my latest and favourite products are below. Click on the pictures for the link.



For teacher discussion, ideas and resources for lessons along with product updates and competitions, be sure to follow my FACEBOOK PAGE. I usually post my new products up there first and offer them as a FLASH FREEBIE! 

For easy to find teaching ideas and inspiration, follow my PINTEREST BOARD - they are organised into categories :)

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I'm really looking forward to posting and sharing more teaching ideas and experiences with more fellow Aussie teachers! Make sure you stop and leave a comment from time to time! It's great hearing from you :)

Till Next time!
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