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I work in a school where we have a very active Arts Team and this week has been our Arts Week. We have one every two years and on alternate years we have our School Concert. 

Our Arts Team have been preparing for a full on week of exciting tasks. (Unfortunately, I have been sick and at home for the last three days).

Our school started off with a Flash Mob with all the staff and the roar of the children was so loud (570 kids make a lot of noise). We wanted to prove that we would go out of our comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment. There is video evidence out there! '

Then for three one hour sessions we took workshops which the kids rotated through. Three hours of drumming is a looooong time.

Then on Tuesday we went to the local Art Gallery - we went on a walk to look at the local architecture, studied portraits, did some line drawings and saw an exhibition.

Wednesday was the day for class projects for the Art Display which was on Friday night. 
My replacement teacher and my team supported my grade to put together our project. 
Each grade was a given a letter of the alphabet - we got Y.
We had to research and come up with an idea for that letter for an arts project. 

Ours was 'Yummy Food'
We used plasticine to make mini models of food.
The QR code is the artist's statement.

Art is everywhere

The conversations we have about art allows us to have a real connection to others and their interpretation of the same piece - it is a window into perceptions of our world.

Our first interactions with art is in picture story books.
We are never too old to fall in love with picture story books. 
We are never too old to read them and wonder about the illustrations. 

Through illustrations we get to see and talk about animals, landscapes and how we move within them. 
We get to share in traditional stories, see how kids cope with issues and look at expressions on faces and try to work out how characters feel.

We fall in love with an author, a character and a story...

We are challenged by world issues and we get to try to understand why history repeats itself or how we learn from world events.

We get to learn about collections, we get to manipulate materials to show our learning. We explore maths concepts through art.

We draw characters and see if we have the same impressions as our classmates. 
We try to make sense of texts through art.

We do art just because it helps to make sense of things or just for enjoyment. 

We use our skills to design, to create and to build.

A world without Art would be a scary place.

Art Resources

Art Attack has a great website (when I was a kid they had a TV show too)

Pinterest has amazing ideas and this will take you to a board I have just started.

Art Books for kids, just a few...

Have a great time exploring our world through Art.

Paula from Paula's Place signing off

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