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This month we've decided to share our ideas and resources on Australian animals on the blog!  Although I'm fairly new to Australia (13 months living here now), I've had my fair share of Australian animals encounters.  I just started in my Year 3/4 class and we're focusing our writing this term on informational writing and we decided to focus some of that on Australian animals.  So I was on the hunt for some great website in the class!  Here are some of my current top favourites! 

#1 - Your local Zoo's webpage! (Perth Zoo)

One of the places online that I found to be most helpful was Perth Zoo's webpage!  I'm several hours away from Perth, so no recent visits from me, but that's why we've got the internet to take us on virtual excursions!  

I found their Animals & Plants tab and clicked on Australia for TONS of easy to read information!  I love that the information isn't overwhelming for students.  You can get your information easily and teach your students how to research using online resources.  Some of them have videos and images.  Plus there is an easy downloadable fact sheet (in PDF format) for you to download and print, which is helpful with those who don't have enough computers to go around!  

Not sure about other Australian zoos out there, but I'm sure the one closest to you also provides you with tons of helpful information!  (I know I'll be using this in my classroom.)

#2 - Animal Fact Guide

This is another website of information that is easy to read for students.  There aren't as many Australian animals on here, but for the ones that do it goes into more detail.  Great for those students looking for more information! 

#3 - Pinterest Boards

Don't you just LOVE Pinterest and all it has to offer, PLUS easy finding!  I know I want some kind of visual to go along with our Australian animal reports and I love the ideas I've come across.  Check out my Australian Animals Unit board!  I love how a lot of them incorporated the Aboriginal art! I'll definitely be using some of these ideas!

Other Resources:

Here are some other resources I find helpful, although it may not be Australian animals specific.

What are your favourite
resources for Australian animals?

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