Time Saving Tips for Teachers

Hi everyone! It's Casey here from Little Lifelong Learners.


Many teachers are now back at school for Term 2 which means many of us are now being stretched to our limits trying to fit everything into our very busy schedules.

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Sometimes it feels like we have more things to tick off our to-do list than we actually have time to complete! So today I want to share with you a little time saving tip that I use in my own classroom to help me stay organised and on top of things in my classroom. At the end of the post, you'll also find a link up where you can read more great tips to help save time in your classroom (and you can add your own!)

In my classroom, I have 5 baskets set up in my main teaching space - one for each day of the week. Inside, you will find all of the resources I will need for the week. This might include specific books that I will be reading with my class, numeracy resources, photocopies, WALT and WILF lesson posters and so on.

On Monday morning, I head to school a little earlier than usual so that I can gather my resources and sort them into the baskets.  Next I head to the copier and do all of my photocopying for the week. You will not believe what a difference this makes to my week! I can actually enjoy my lunch while it's still hot! And we all know that's a luxury that is hard to come by some days.

Sometimes a resource is used each day so at the end of the day, that gets moved into the next basket ready for the following day. This system means I don't have to waste precious teaching time searching for resources - it's all there at my fingertips. This also makes it a heap easier if I have to call in sick because it's all ready to go!


I've included a little freebie of my weekly labels so that you can make your very own time saving baskets as well. Just click here to grab a copy from my google drive.

I hope this little time saving tip helps bring some more time to your busy schedule! Please take some time to read through some of the other amazing time saving tips below and even add your own if you're a teacher blogger too!


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