Preparing Over the Summer

It's summer time and I'm definitely going to relax and enjoy my time off.  Even though I'm spending 98% of my time visiting family in the United States, I'll still be preparing for the upcoming school year!  Here are some great ways to prepare for the upcoming school year and some helpful blog posts out there!

Steps to Get Prepared:

1.  Out with the old!  I'm a BIG believer in "If I haven't touched it in years, then it may be time to get rid of it."  I'm not a hoarder because it just piles and piles up on me and I can never find what I need.  Before school ended I spent Weeks 7 & 8 cleaning out the store room. (This was my outfit those days!)

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2.  Moving Rooms = Moving Tubs!  I moved rooms this year and I made sure to put everything in a tub.  (My favourite place to go for storage is The Reject Shop!)  I had organised each tub and made sure they all fit in my cupboards.  This way they were ALL out of the way for the cleaners.

3.  Got My List!  I got my list and a few notes from previous teachers to get me a bit prepared for my upcoming class.  I take in what they noted, but I make sure to start the year FRESH with each student (even my 7 kiddos moving up with me), no judgements. I'm already making a Welcome sign and preparing labels.  (Check out this cute door made by MissGirlingsClassroom)

4.  Room Theme Decor.  I keep an ocean them in my class, goes along with my website.  It may not really be THAT important, but I know my students enjoy an inviting room.  However, some may go out and buy things, I either make them or get them off TPT to fit my classroom needs.  There's a theme, but also a PURPOSE for each.  I like to keep in mind "How will this benefit my students?" when putting up decor.

5.  What worked this year? What didn't? I like to take a step back and think about what worked for my classroom this year.  I think about the benefits and student outcomes to help decide if I keep it or change it. There were also things I wanted to try that didn't work for me.  (And not even my students.) Things I like to focus on for the upcoming year: Parent Communication, Homework schedule, Literacy & Maths rotations, and Classroom jobs.

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6.  REST & RELAX!  Best thing you can do to prepare for the new year is to rest up!  Let your mind take a break and get plenty of sleep!  Go off and have fun! Experience life and bring stories back to your students!

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Helpful Blog Posts

Here are some helpful blog posts out there to help teachers prepare for a new school year!

Enjoy your summer! 

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  1. Happy summer to you! Here in the United States, I'm about to get a break for Christmas (from Dec. 24th through Jan. 4th). Enjoy your time to recharge. Thanks for the great ideas. I'll tuck them away for June. :)
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