5 reasons why teachers deserve a medal at the end of the school year

1. Teachers forfeit their weeknights and weekends to prepare resources and lessons for their class.

Teachers all across the world will agree that teaching isn't a 9am to 3pm job like many outside the profession believe it to be. Many teachers spend countless hours outside of the classroom preparing resources and lesson plans for their classroom. It can be hard to maintain balance throughout the year so I aways tried to 'clock off' by dinner time during the week.

2. Teachers don't get to enjoy a nice long lunch break until their school holidays.

Is it just me or is there always a million things that need to be done during your lunch break? Marking student work, tidying your desk, putting up displays, photocopying, checking your pigeon hole in the office...the list goes on! 

3. Teachers endure sickness after sickness throughout the school year, especially when they work with little ones!

During my first year of teaching Prep/Foundation, I was sick so often that by the end of the year I had been on 12 courses of antibiotics. That's just insane! Cut down on the sicknesses by wiping surfaces with Glen 20 as often as possible and wash your hands frequently especially in the cooler months. 

4. A teachers pay cheque is never their own until the school holidays!

I can't be the only teacher who is guilty of spending her pay on her class or classroom. As a new teacher, it takes sometime to collect resources and it's certainly not a cheap task either. After my first year of teaching, I set a budget of $50 per week for school related purchases (printer ink, paper, laminating sheets, picture books, resources etc) to try and cut down. 

5. Teachers keep stationery stores in business

My favourite Christmas present ever was a gift voucher for Officeworks. I don't think I need to say anymore! 


Even though we really, REALLY look forward to the school holidays after a year of super hard work, we are always *itching* to get back into the swing of things with a brand new class at the beginning of each year.

A wonderful teacher cannot be measured by the results of her class, but by the love of learning she instils in her students. All teachers deserve a medal at the end of the year, simply for shaping young minds and creating a better future for all. 


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