New Year's Resolutions for Teachers - 2016

Hi everyone, it's Christie from My Mum, the Teacher!

As we ring in the New year, it is often a time for people to reflect about what has been and how they can go about affecting change to better their circumstances. Teacher's are the ultimate reflectors - it's part of what makes us great at what we do! 

So in light of everyone making New Year's Resolutions for their personal life, I thought I would inspire you with a list of 12 resolutions for teachers - one for each month of this year!

1. Enjoy a well earned break!!!!

Take time to enjoy your family, friends and most importantly yourself during holidays and long weekends. As best you can, keep your school work at school and enjoy your time at home! Making yourself happy will be beneficial for both you and your students.

2. Get organised!!!!

Take time in the week or so before school begins to re-evaluate your classroom and make changes to become more organised. Invest in some book boxes to store you and your students workbooks, boxes for stationary items, books etc. Check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration.

3. Work Smarter - Not Harder!!!!

Don't reinvent the wheel! So many teachers are now sharing their resources online that you're sure to find something that will help cut down your planning time. Check out all our stores on Teachers Pay Teachers and Designed by Teachers and I'm sure you'll find what you need! Also use your planning time at school wisely so that you take less (or better still, NONE) home with you!

4. Be Positive!!!!

After taking some time out for yourself, it's time to think about how you can create a positive environment, both physically and emotionally, for you and your students.

5. Change it Up!!!!

They say that change is as good as a holiday (although a few more of those would be nice!). Well in the classroom, change is good for your students too. If your behaviour management strategies aren't working... change it. If your lessons are stimulating your students... change it! If your program isn't working for you... change it!

6. Build Fitness in your Program - and your Lifestyle!!!!

It wouldn't be a new years resolution without a promise of getting fit and healthy. Make provisions in your classroom timetable and program for healthy eating lessons, movement breaks and activities and lessons where students learn how to take care of our bodies. 

Teaching is noted as one of the most highly stressful jobs going, so it is just as important to ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle. Make sure your doing some form of daily physical exercise, whether is be going for a walk before or after work and joining a local social sporting team - not only is it great for your overall well-being, it is a great way to relieve stress!

7. Feel good on the inside and outside!!!!

Don't underestimate how feeling good by what you're wearing can brighten your mood and keep your smiling throughout the day. Check out my blog on professional work attire, some of our Pinterest boards for inspiration, then head online or out to the stores to pick yourself up some summer bargins before school begins!

8. Involve students!!!

Allowing students some choice in how learning or assessing takes place will hopefully see them take more responsibility and pride in their learning, and utilise and showcase their talents and interests in a positive way.

9. Pay Attention to your students!!!! 

Set up a system where individual students have the opportunity to do special jobs with you. This will give you the opportunity to have informal interactions with your students to check in with how they're doing.

10. Document all parent interactions!!!!

Put in place a system that suits you that encourages and reminds you to document all interactions with parents and students that are of importance. This will help protect you, ensure that information is correct and help other teachers and members of staff.

11.Form positive relationships with executive staff members!!!!

Make time to get to know the members of your executive staff, including your Principal. Seek them out for advice regarding your teaching and classroom, offer to help out around the school and be part of any committees.

12. Don't become Complacent!!!!

It is so easy to get stuck in a routine that is working. But when this happens, nothing changes. Your students don't make dramatic improvements, and neither do YOU! Find ways to improve yourself and your teaching and learn from your mistakes.

Don't try to do all of these at once! You don't even have to plan to do all of them this year! Pick a few that stand out to you, that will challenge you, and make a note of them in your diary!

If you want to do a New Years Resolution activity with your students, check this one out. 

Do you make any resolutions at New Years? Share yours with us below!

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  1. Oh every year I make them and break them, lol ! So this year im not making any but I do love your list. Getting myself healthier is probably one thing I really should do this year, naybe not a resolution but something that im going to try and stick to.


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