Fun Ways to Learn Sight Words

Hello everyone! This is Casey from Little Lifelong Learners. This week I am going to share some of my favourite ways to learn sight words in the early years classroom!

As we all know, learning to read is one of the biggest skills we develop during our time at school. It's a skill that we all use every single day so it's important we give our students a wonderful and positive foundation for early reading during their first years at school. 

Learning sight words is one of the first steps in learning how to read and there are so many fun ways we can encourage our students to learn these words. Today I'm going to share some of my very favourite activities that I've come across!

Crayon resist sight words - Write the words with a white crayon and paint over them with water colours.

Type your words - grab some old keyboards and have students type their words.

Shaving Cream - I love this idea by Jem's Bright Buttons. She squirts shaving cream onto plates where her students can write their words over and over. It's so easy to clean up afterwards because you just wash the plate!

Scrabble Tiles - You can get these relatively cheaply from ebay and the kids just love arranging the letters into their words.

Whiteboard Words - Grab a set of whiteboards (you can get them very cheap at places like Daiso or the $2 shops) and have your students write their words with markers. Such a simple and effective idea from Paula's Place.

Tic Tac Toe - I came across this fantastic idea by Jacinta (@cintaandco) on Instagram and I thought it looked like so much fun! Write your sight words onto different coloured paper and use them as counters for the game.

Sight Word Fishing - Write the sight words onto fish and add staples or paperclips to the end. Use a magnetic rod so that students can 'catch' their words.

Salt Writing - Paula's Place shared this wonderful idea for sight word work - tracing words into a tray of salt. This would be a wonderful sensory experience for students as well!

Text it - Grab this free download from TPT, print and then laminate. This one was always super popular with my Prep students!

Bottle Cap Stacking - This fantastic idea from A Little Pinch of Perfect is a great way to review sight words! I love that she is recycling materials too - something I'm sure we all do as early years teachers!

Bead Words - Fine Motor and Sight Word development at it's finest! This is such a great idea from @kindergarten_adventures_ - she writes the words onto her blackboard table and has the students place beads over her writing. They are working on their words and important fine motor skills at the same time. Love it

For more fun sight word activities, check out some of my sight word posts on the Little Lifelong Learners blog!


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