Back to School Ideas + Meet the Collaborators!

Hello everyone!  My name is Stephanie and I blog at  I'm going into the 2017 as a Year 3 teacher and have been teaching full-time since 2010.  I'm from USA and started my teaching career in Florida.  I moved to Australia in 2014 to be with my partner and was lucky enough to continue my career teaching in country Australia.  I'm now back in Perth ready for the new year!

Back to School Ideas Instagram Round-Up

I'm starting at a new school in 2017 and I'm eager to get into my classroom to set it up!  I've planned to implement many new ideas.  So here is some of the favourites I've seen on Instagram!

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Got any great Back to School Ideas you'd like to share?  Post a picture below! Share on Instagram and tag us @AustralianTeachers!


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