Meet the Collaborators - Little Lifelong Learners

Meet the collaborators from the Australian Teachers Blog - Casey from Little Lifelong Learners

With the influx of new readers over here on our blog, we have decided to re-introduce ourselves. Today it's Casey's turn!

Why hello there! My name is Casey and I am the teacher-mama blogger over at Little Lifelong Learners. I have been blogging since I first started teaching back in 2012!

My little corner of the internet has evolved a lot, particularly over the last few years as I became a Mum for the very first time. When I first started blogging, my husband and I had just gotten married and I was a fresh graduate who felt very inspired by the amazing teachers who blogged about their classrooms and shared their amazing teaching ideas. 

After two years of teaching Prep / Foundation, I fell pregnant and took some time away from the classroom. I did some relief work at local schools and got to teach at many different schools in a variety of year levels...but Prep has always been where my heart is at!
Prep, Foundation Classroom | My first classroom as a grauate, beginning teacher in Australia

As my daughter got older, I started missing teaching more and more but I couldn't bare the thought of leaving her just yet. That's when I decided to focus on providing quality printables for other Prep teachers. I was basically living vicariously through them because I missed the classroom soooo much.
Must have resources for new teachers | Australian Prep and Foundation printable resources | Behaviour Management

During this time, I started blogging about my love for sensory play. Some of my favourite posts can be found over at Little Lifelong Learners. I've also recently launched my first eBook too which you can have a little look at here.

Sensory Play for babies | Messy play ideas for kids | Teacher mum

Now it's 2017 and I have a very energetic 2.5 year old daughter and a cheeky 6 month old son. I still miss teaching SO much (especially when I see you all decorating your new classrooms!) but I'm also so so so happy that I can provide Prep and Foundation teachers and parents with heaps of teaching and learning inspiration from the comfort of my own home. 

If you'd like to follow my journey as a teacher turned stay at home mama, you can find me here:


  1. Awesome blog, Keep sharing with us.

  2. Such a wonderful blog, Montessori method learning is one of the best ways for kids' life journeys. In Australia, Little Wonders is one of the best places for Montessori based education.


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